We are a collective of industry professionals who share a common interest in raising the benchmarks for residential building in our region of Central Otago, which experiences the most extreme temperatures in New Zealand.

We support the uptake of the NZGBC Homestar Rating Tool as an independent standard by which the performance and sustainability of a dwelling can be assessed, measured and compared.  This will result in a better understanding of expectations and increase market returns for the investment of exceeding the minimum building code.

Members include:

Annabelle Numaguchi, Evolution, a division of Rilean Construction

Adam Turoa, Evolution, a division of Rilean Construction

Mick Moffatt, QUBE Consulting, Ltd.

Mark Gray, Wyatt & Gray Architects

Russell Lewis, Wyatt & Gray Architects

Denise Martin, eZed, Ltd.

Paula Hugens, eZed, Ltd.

Jessica Eyers, Hiberna, Ltd.

Nigel Murray, SeeChange, Ltd.

Lisa Burroughs

Dennis Dowling, DCD Ltd.